At Octarine Labs, we believe that improving ease-of-use is a key element during the design process, therefore we place special attention on developing easy to use user interfaces for our partners.

Our software development team offers a wide range of usability improvements, from increasing learnability, memorability and efficiency, to reducing user errors at the same time. This way users will be able to accomplish basic tasks faster, even for the first time, which leads to higher efficiency and satisfaction. 

We provide our clients higher user satisfaction in application, intranet or website design improvements.

Usability services

Application usability 

Our application development professionals are able to identify a design's most important usability problems, and help fixing them.

Intranet usability

For intranets usability is a matter of employee productivity. We help our clients reduce the time spent by their employees on the intranet.

Website usability

Our website usability services help your business in reducing the bounce rate, and improving customer satisfaction by engineering easy to use designs.