Developing, maintaining and supporting large, complex, highly distributed, mission-critical applications is extremely challenging. Traditional Application Management approaches are ill-equipped to handle the complexity of today's application architectures and deployment environments. Ocatrine Labs's ALM solution provides a better approach, enabling you to find and fix application problems faster to reduce downtime, gain end-to-end operational visibility of your key performance indicators and deliver new insights from your machine data to help the business make better decisions.


  • Increases productivity, as the team shares best practices for development and deployment, and developers need focus only on current business requirements
  • Improves quality, so the final application meets the needs and expectations of users
  • Breaks boundaries through collaboration and smooth information flow.
  • Accelerates development through simplified integration
  • Cuts maintenance time by synchronizing application and design
  • Maximizes investments in skills, processes, and technologies
  • Increases flexibility by reducing the time it takes to build and adapt applications that support new business initiatives